Scripty vs Scriptly

You can check out Scriptly here.

We'll be the first to admit, we're biased. We made Scripty, so take what we say with a grain of salt.
Most of the information we got about Scriptly was obtained from its site, and through some internet sleuthing, so it may not be 100% accurate.

Note: this page was last updated August 8, 2022, so it may be out of date. Refer directly to Scriptly and Scripty's websites for the latest up-to-date information.


Scripty and Scriptly happened to be named very similarly to each other by pure random chance. Neither of us intended to be named similar to the other.
If you compare the creation dates of both bots, you'll notice Scripty was created two months earlier than Scriptly, on February 17th, 2021, whereas Scriptly was created April 10th, 2021.


According to Scriptly's homepage, they offer the following features:

It provides immersive features such as voice to text transcription, text to speech vocality, and, in the premium version, translation via voice between 2 languages.

Their documentation offers more information on what they support, including being able to customize your text-to-speech voice.

On the other hand, at the moment, Scripty only supports speech-to-text, but plans to support text-to-speech in the future. Translation, however, is not planned, due to the cost of running this whilst also ensuring user privacy by not sharing data with third parties. Scripty also plans to support custom text-to-speech voices in the future.
You can refer to the table below for a tabular breakdown of the features between the two bots.

Translation of transcripted messages🚧
Voice assistant functionality🚧
Voice chat moderation🚧
Text-to-speech voice customization🚧
Custom voice that sounds like you🚧

Premium Features

According to Scriptly's homepage, they currently do not offer premium, but when it is released, it will include the following features:

The premium version of the bot has many features that help improve the experience for our users.

• Translation via voice between 2 people.
• Higher quality transcription (more accurate)
• More fluent TTS (text to speech)
• Faster transcription
• Priority support in our support server
• Priority access to new features
• And more!

Scripty, on the other hand, plans to support Premium incredibly soon. In fact, by the time you read this, it's very likely already out. Scripty's Premium does not change the quality or speed of transcriptions. We believe everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, should experience the highest quality transcriptions we can offer them.
As with last time, you can view a tabular breakdown of both bots in the table below.

Translation of voiceNoPremium
Higher quality/speedFreePremium
Priority SupportPremiumPremium
Increased user limit in voice chatsPremiumUnknown
Access to two botsPremiumUnknown (likely no)
Custom bot for your serverPremium ($100/mo)No


Note that we are not Scriptly's team. We do not know for sure whether any of Scriptly's information is 100% true. This is what we've deduced based on some internet sleuthing.

Scriptly uses Wit.Ai, a free speech-to-text API made by Facebook (now Meta).
Due to this API being owned by Meta, and being free, there is an extremely high chance Meta is using your voice data for their own purposes, including marketing and advertising. To be completely clear, the Scriptly team is (very likely, we can't verify as Scriptly is closed-source) not mining any of your data. Meta is mining this data.

Scripty, on the other hand, uses Coqui STT. This is an offline speech-to-text library, meaning it runs entirely on our machines. No data is sent to any third parties, and we do not use any of your data for any purposes. You can independently verify this, as Scripty is open-source at GitHub. However, due to this, Scripty is much more expensive to run, which forces us to offer expensive Premium.

Sends voice to third parties
Third-parties use voice for own purposes
All data stays on developer-controlled servers forever
Developers use voice for own purposes


It's now up to you which bot you'd like to use. We'll offer links to both bots here.